Allison and Samuel

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Our Story

Allie and Sam met at New Community Church in Menlo Park, CA. The two of them joined the same bible study and over time, realized that they were interested in one another. Sam asked Allie out to dinner and she gladly accepted.

Despite the fact that there was a global pandemic, Allie and Sam found fun activities to do together. They drove to the beach for a picnic, hiked, rock-climbed, and went to a drive in movie theater. They quickly realized that they shared the same values and fell in love.

On Friday May 23rd, Sam and Allie went on a hike at Edgewood Park. Allie was struggling to make it uphill and Sam suggested that they take a break when they got to the top. The two of them sat on a bolder and took in the view. When Allie got up to resume the hike, Sam got down on one knee and proposed.